Anti aging

How to die young, as late as possible!

Longevity Practices (Anti-Ageing) TM.

As one said: "The trick is to die young, as late as possible" To get there one must go a long way of understanding how the human mind and body works, and how all these mechanisms integrate with the spirit and energy. We are just starting to understand the quanta level of the matter, where the key to "immortality" is to be found. There are no magic pills and magic "elixirs", although many mentioned the existence of such thing.

ORMUS – Hrana zeilor

ORMUS sau aurul monoatomic este o alta forma de manifestarea a metalului nobil bine cunoscut. In realitate si alte metale nobile pot fi gasite in forma monoatomica, cum ar fi platina sau cupru. Actiunea solutiilor monoatomice sau a prafurilor de ormus vizeaza chiar structurile de ADN.